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Egypt is the country of contradictions

While Egypt is receiving a senior level Hamas delegation headed by Ismail Haniyeh, head of the movement’s political bureau, Egypt’s legitimate president is being tried on charges of plotting with Hamas. This is after Hamas was accused of being a terrorist organisation, affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, and accused of plotting against Egypt and infiltrating its borders with armed militants, breaking down doors, opening prisons, and releasing prisoners during the January 25th revolution – including Muslim Brotherhood political prisoners – stealing cattle, creating chaos in the country and killing protestors in Tahrir Square. They were then accused of sending terrorists into Sinai via tunnels to kill Egyptian soldiers in Sinai and were accused of being Egypt’s enemy, against which a […]

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Character assassination and murder are the norm in Egypt

The panic has reached its climax in Egypt with the countdown to the upcoming presidential elections, which are scheduled to be held next June. Al-Sisi fears the polls and does not want to hold them. Given his low popularity rating, he wants to avoid asking the oppressed citizens to vote for him; they won’t do so as he is the one who has stopped them from having a dignified life. Hence, Al-Sisi has been trying to amend the Constitution so that the presidential term is six years rather than four. All of the tame satellite networks promoted this and an MP actually proposed it in parliament. The Parliamentary Speaker was keen to discuss the issue, but then, suddenly, everything stopped […]

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Two organisations shaking the General’s throne

Two reports by two international organisations condemning Egypt under Al-Sisi’s rule were issued yesterday. These organisations are Human Rights Watch and Reporters Without Borders. In its report, the former accused Egypt of torturing detainees in order to obtain false confessions, accusing police officers of regularly torturing detainees by means including beating, electric shock and rape. It also stated that this widespread and systematic torture is considered a crime against humanity. The report consisted of 444 pages and the most serious issue raised in it is that the prosecutor general has ignored the complaints of detainees regarding maltreatment and threats of torture, thus creating an atmosphere of almost complete impunity. These reports are very detailed and include shocking videos and confessions […]

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